In our shops you will find competent and skillful material that attain and follow your needs in the particular subject of the sport. Brand management and quality are our main factors that by them we are achieving our goals. Maintenance of the bicycles is at highest level. Our 3 shops are fully equipped for both “warranty” and “out-of-warranty” service. Our engineers are highly certificated. They can provide you free of charge consultation.


Service 1:

81 B, bul. Bulgaria blvd,

Sofia, Bulgaria

Mobile: +359 882 474 127


Service 2:

14, Koziak str, Sofia, Bulgaria

Mobile:+359 895 549 371


Prise List:

V-brake centering 6 BGN/piece
Brake pads replacement 6 BGN/piece
Bottom bracket replacement 25 BGN
Bottom bracket and cranks replacement 25 BGN
Headset pressing / removing 15 BGN
Cranks disassembly 12 BGN
Bottom bracket disassembly 12 BGN
Cranks assembly 12 BGN
Bottom bracket assembly 12 BGN
Front / Rear Dereileur replacement 12 BGN
Pedals replacement 6 BGN
Cassette replacement 6 BGN
Fork installation 25 BGN
Seatpost / Bars / steering tube cutting 6 BGN
Headset cleaning and greasing 12 BGN
Overall bike maintenance 25 BGN
Full bike assembly 25 -100 BGN
Parts transfer from one bike to another 25 -100 BGN
Chain guide installation 18 - 36 BGN
Wheel disassembly 6 BGN
Wheel assembly 20 BGN
Wheel truing  10 BGN/piece
Chain replacement 6 BGN
Bike cleaning and lubricating 20 BGN
Brake bleeding 12 BGN-18BGN
Press fitting and removinng of frame bearings 10 BGN/piece
Tyre inflation :)
Tyre replacement 5 BGN
Drivetrain cleaning and lubricating 12 BGN
Speeds centering 6 BGN/piece
Front hub maintenance 10 BGN
Rear hub maintenance 15 BGN
Disc brake installation 15 BGN
Disc brake hose shortening 12 BGN
Mud guards installation (bought from other place) 12 BGN-24 BGN
Bike rack installation (bought from other place) 12 BGN-24 BGN
Car bike rack installation 15 BGN
Headset tightening 5 BGN
Hubs tightening 6 BGN/piece
Shock / Fork inflation :)
Coil and elastomer fork maintenance 20 BGN
Air shock service from 40 BGN
Fork oil change from 40 BGN
Air shock full service from 60 BGN
Coil shock full service from 60 BGN
Fork hydraulics bleeding 20 BGN
Fork maintenance from 60 BGN
Twin tube shock full service from 60 BGN
Pull shock full service 120 - 180 BGN
Shock replacement 12 BGN - 24 BGN
Bike computer installation (bought from other place) 12 BGN
Grips installation / removing 6 BGN
Hydraulic seatpost maintenance from 50 BGN
Seatpost remote bleeding 20 BGN
Seat / Bars / Stem replacement 6 BGN
Disc installation / removing 6 BGN./piece
Star nut pressing 6 BGN
Pedals maintenance 15 BGN
All prices are with VAT included.  

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